Walimex Dolly Action Set GoPro III (20206)

Walimex Dolly Action Set GoPro III (20206)
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walimex pro Dolly Action Set for GoPro 20206 Kérem válaszon nyelvet: walimex pro Dolly Action Set III GoPro For professionals: This High-End set gives you the opportunity for highly professional shooting with the GoPro. The set also includes the innovative Aptaris Cage completely with GoPro Inlay and handle incl. L-angle, as well as the Cineast monitor for image control, delay free because of HDMI. The dimmable LED video lamp helps in low light situations. The Dolly ensures exciting tracking shots. walimex pro telescopic Mini Dolly With the camera Dolly from walimex pro you can realize professional tracking shots with your DSLR, system camera or camcorder. Depending on your individual wishes you can perform both straight ahead as well as curve movements. With the telescopic arm, the Dolly can be easily pushed or pulled to the right direction. The front axle is infinitely adjustable and supports simple steering via the arm. The hard rubber skater rollers are light moving and quiet. This enables calm and jitter-free shots, even on slightly uneven bases. With the 1/4 inch thread, which can be extended to 3/8 inch, you can also mount a ball head or a video pan head to the Dolly. This gives you additional flexibility in your work. The Arm, which is fastened on the Dolly via a 1/4 inch thread, not only is a convenient solution for steering the Dolly, but can also be used as a hand tripod for the camera. It can be extended from approx. 22cm to 94cm. Its low weight makes the arm an ideal companion. walimex pro Aptaris GoPro walimex pro Aptaris GoPro Hero has been specially developed for GoPro Hero 2 and 3 and thereby matches the camera by 100 %. Aptaris is thereby fastened to the GoPro housing with just a flick of the wrist and is then ready for any use in action. Aptaris not only offers you additional protection for your GoPro, but, with its large number of 1/4 inch threads and the 2 3/8 inch threads, also enables the attachment of accessories on all sides. For exciting perspectives or near ground level filming you can also attach a handle - either from underneath, at the top or at the sides. Aptaris gives you highest flexibility, irrespective of the type of use. Due to the outstanding fitting accuracy you still have unrestricted access to all control elements. And another special highlight: The GoPro housing can be opened and the camera removed, without having to dismount the cage system. Developed in cooperation with the German manufacturer SIX, Aptaris convinces with highest accuracy in workmanship, outstanding material properties and well thought-out engineering. Continuous quality inspections ensure premium quality and extreme longevity, even under highest loads in permanent use. This is supported by exceptional material properties: Aptaris is made of extremely light aircraft aluminium and stainless steel. With its weight of only 110 g, Aptaris GoPro is very comfortable in use and also very stable. Thanks to the black anodizing Aptaris additionally scores with its noble design. Handle with L-angle included. walimex pro Aptaris GoPro Inlay The GoPro inlay gives you the possibility to use the Action-Camera in combination with Aptaris GoPro – in fact without the water-proof GoPro housing. This enables you to use the Micro and Mini-HDMI-port of the GoPro in connection with the Aptaris Cage system. Due to several ¼ inch threads on the side and the bottom side, you can also use the Inlay without Cage, e. g. on a tripod. A high-quality rubber band, which envelops camera and Inlay, provides secure support. walimex pro Swivel Arm Magic The walimex pro Swivel Arm is a multifunctional, flexible helper that should not be missing in any studio. The bracket, which is 28cm long, is equipped with three joints, two of which come with high-quality ball joints. This allows you to realize individual positions. The central locking wheel in the middle of the hinged bracket is particularly convenient, as it allows you to adjust and lock all three joints at the same time according to your requirements. You are also flexible redarding your connection options. Two 1/4 inch screws with thread adapter and flash shoe adapter are at your disposal. The Swivel Arm also offers flexibility in its use: it is ideal for the use with DSLR rigs and dollies. With it, you can attach video accessories such as video lights, monitors or microphones to your rig or dolly. The joints allow you to arrange the hinged bracket as needed. Additionally, the hinged bracket can be used on shooting tables, in order to realize unusual positions, or for unique perspectives on tripods and autopoles. The high quality materials ensure the necessary stability. walimex pro LED Vidoe Fluorescent Light The Video Fluorescent Light from walimex presents itself as compact and self-confident device, which convinces every hobby filmer and videographers with its 80 powerful LED. The Video Light, which will be operated through 5 AA-batteries, is ideally suitable for all camcorders and video cameras. The 80 steplessly dimmable LED provide a high light output and therewith the necessary brightness for insufficient ambient light. This is particularly convenient for shootings in the dark or inadequate lighted rooms. Thus, you do not need to fear badly illuminated films anymore! The Fluorescent Light can not only be used in portrait and landscape format, but it is also flexibly extendable through the sophisticated construction. The device, which will be mounted through the flash shoe, can be connected with other video lights and then e. g. upgraded to a bigger fluorescent light. Furthermore, we offer optionally available mounting brackets, on which you can mount the Video Light in certain positions and in connection with several lamps. Therewith you can realize the plus in brightness. The Video Fluorescent Light is enduced with a 1/4 inch thread and have 580 lux. walimex pro LCD Monitor Cineast I The LCD Monitor by walimex pro facilitates picture control when filming with your DSLR or video camera and therefore makes professional results possible. A sun shade, the high brightness and high contrast ensure an excellent view of the display even in direct sunlight. At a display size of 12.7cm (5 inch) and a resolution of max. 800x480 pixels the monitor shows a clear and detailed picture. It supports the Full HD signal. The large viewing angle also allows several people a view of the monitor. The aspect ratio can be switched from 16:9 to 4:3. The device is equipped with four function buttons, which you can define freely according to your requirements. The display can be switched between monochromatic and RGB mode. Additionally you can switch between underscan and overscan. You also have the Center Marker and Screen Marker functions available to you. The matching rechargeable battery for powering the monitor is included. You can start your work right away and are independent of an external power supply. This makes a use on location possible and you are more mobile and flexible in your work. Technical specification: Aptaris Cage Outside measurements 84 mm x 93 mm x 37 mm (HxWxD) Inside measurements 70 mm x 80 mm x 37mm (HxWxD) Weight approx. 110 g Swivel Arm Length approx 18cm Weigth approx 195g Connecting Thread and Screws 1/4 inch Load Capacity approx. 2kg Material Aluminium Video panel light Light Output 580 Lux (at a distance of 1m) Colour Temperature 5600K ± 300K Operation Voltage 7,4V Light Angle approx. 60° Dimensions (Length x width x height) approx. 9,5x9,5x3cm Weight approx 250g Monitor Display Size 12.7cm (5 inch) TFT LCD (16:9) Resolution 800x480 pixels Brightness 400cd/m2 Contrast 600:1 Viewing Angle 150 degrees / 130 degrees (H/V) Input Voltage DC 6-24V Input Signal HDMI, YPbPr, AV Current 450mA Stand-by Current 50mA Power Consumption 5.4W Audio Output ≥250mW Earphone Slot 1x (front) Dimensions (LxWxD) approx. 151×116×39,5mm approx. 151×116×98.1mm (with sun shade) Weight approx. 316g approx. 386g (with sun shade) Battery Type Li-Ion Dimensions approx. 70.5×38×59.7mm Weight approx. 300g Voltage 7.2-7.4V Capacity 6600mAh Dolly Mini Telescope Dimensions (Length x width x height) approx. 22,5x15,5x5,5cm Wheel base approx 15cm Axle length rear: approx. 11,5cm (roller to roller) front: approx. 8cm (roller to roller) Turning circle approx. 19cm (starting from the inner edge of the base plate) Ground clearance 2cm (base plate) Roller diameter 6cm Wheel hub (diameter) approx. 0,7cm Min. Length Telescopic Arm approx 22cm Max. Length Telescopic Arm approx 94cm Connection Knurled screw with 1/4 to 3/8 inch thread Weight approx. 0,55kg Material Aluminium, hard rubber Included in delivery: walimex pro Dolly Action Set GoPro III, including 1x walimex pro Dolly Mini Telescope, 1x walimex pro Aptaris for GoPro Hero, 1x Aptaris handle incl L-anglel, 1x walimex pro Aptaris GoPro Naked Mount, 1x walimex pro Video flurorescent light 80B dimmable, 3x walimex pro Swivel arm Magic 18, 1x walimex pro LCD Monitor Cineast I incl battery. Típus Típus: Camera Dolly / - Accessories EAN: 4250234502061 Így is ismerheti: Dolly Action Set GoPro III 20206, DollyActionSetGoProIII20206, Dolly Action Set GoPro III ( 20206)
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